Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent / charter a bus?  That varies greatly on what you would like to do.  You most likely will be surprised how affordable it is!  Easiest way to find out is to just click on "Rapid Quote" at the top of the page and give us a few pieces of your plans.  We respond at night and weekends too!

Why shouldn't I use a broker?  Brokers do not own the buses.  They often use a network of subpar operators with potentially poor safety ratings and aging buses.  They only care about price and not what shows up to pick you up.  Brokers are sometimes hard to identify.  A good sign you are not working with a reputable local or regional company is when the website indicates it serves cities over many states.  You want a bus to actually show up and you want that bus to be in great condition with a safe driver.  Ask..."Do you own the buses?"

Should I go with the cheapest price? Not always.  If you get a quote that is far below what all the others offered.  BEWARE!

What is our Safety Rating?  We have the highest safety rating offered by the Federal and State regulatory agencies.  We are considered a top tier transportation company.

Who are our customers?  Schools, corporations, Army, Navy, state and local government, celebrities, weddings and groups just like yours!

What kind of amenities do we offer?  Most of our coaches offer WiFi and power outlets, restrooms and comfortable seating.  Our coaches are all less than 2 years old.

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